H.T.’s Corner

By H. Thomas Saylor
Copyright March, 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Saturday night, all’s right
Cowboy out, girl in site
Tight jeans, T-shirt
Brunette, big flirt
Turning heads, what a doll
Smiling back, I’m standing tall
That chiquita has it all
Start my way across the hall

Moving closer to the bar
Hadn’t gotten very far
Waitress stops me on the way
This must be your lucky day
This Bud’s for you
So thank the sender
Thinks you’re studly
Wants your number

Joint is jumpin’, country rock
One more beer and downed a shot
Text me, call me
Let’s meet, let’s talk

Somehow lost her in the crowd
Music getting way too loud
If she’s gone, I’ll be sad
Cuervo swirling in my head
Getting late, my phone rings
Message from that pretty thing
Can’t you see me in the corner
Walk this way, you’re getting warmer

Spot her now, tip my hat
Group of girls, they all wave back
One more brew, one more shot
Maybe this night ain’t for naught
Slam my glass, look around
Now she’s nowhere to be found
She’s so cute, buds say I’m ugly
Should have known, she didn’t want me

Joint is jumpin’, country rock
One more beer and one more shot
Text me, call me
Let’s meet, let’s talk

Closing time, phone rings
Sexy voice, my heart sings
I’m out back in my Ford
Waitin’ for ya, good lord
Spot a Stang, I hop in
Driver passes fifth of gin
Tires squeal, off we go
Where we’re heading, do not know

Radio blasting, county rock
One more beer and one more shot
Oh me, oh my
Car slows, we park

Kiss me girl, you’re so hot
Man’s voice answers, I think not
Cold pistol to my head
One false move, you are dead
Step outside, real slow
Just your money, okay bro
Took my wallet, all my cash
Hit the ground, my life a flash

Radio blasting, county rock
No more beer and no more shots
Engine revs, drives away
Music fades into the dark

Early morning, what a night
Sun is rising, I’m not right
No more drinking, no more bars
Learned my lesson in that car
Truck pulls up, blonde inside
Hey there cowboy, need a ride
Radio blasting country rock
No thanks mam, I think I’ll walk

Uh oh…

Where am I?

Come back!

I changed my mind!

Help! I need a ride!

Oh horse pucky!

I need a beer.

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