Gilda’s Clubs to Receive When One Door Closes

Northville, MI. September 1, 2010 – Susie and Bill Graham and H. Thomas Saylor wrote the book When One Door Closes as a way to share the true story of Alex Graham, her family, friends and community so that others could learn from their experiences. The book is an opportunity to see how the Graham’s daughter, Alex, and those who loved her responded to cancer and found ways to live life fully. It explores a full range of feelings and offers the opportunity to discuss and debate attitudes and behaviors.

Gilda’s Clubs offer the kind of support which empowers its members through collective wisdom and shared experience. It’s a place for learning skills and gathering information. That’s why the publisher, Three Dot L.L.C., is pleased to offer a complimentary copy of When One Door Closes to each Gilda’s Club location in North America. “The mission of Gilda’s Clubs aligns so well with the goals of the book. We truly hope Alex’s story is one that can be used to support the mission of Gilda’s Club and the communities it serves. Individual letters of notification and book fulfillment began in April, 2010, and we hope to complete the process by the end of the year,” said Harold Sieloff, President of Three Dot.


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