1. Where does H. Thomas Saylor get ideas for his work?
    He finds that coming up with original material is a challenging task, especially when writing about universal themes such as love and romance. While he wants his writing to be creative, he also wants it to be something that evokes images and feelings his readers can relate to. Naturally, some of his writing has a basis in his personal life, but the ideas and situations he writes about frequently come from observing the lives and relationships of others.
  2. When did he start writing?
    H. Thomas Saylor began working in corporate communications in the 70’s. While he graduated with a business degree, the majority of his career was spent as a writer, producer, communications manager and executive. During that time he occasionally wrote non-corporate material, but I Need You To Know is his first published book of love poems.
  3. When working, does he use a computer or write longhand?
    He is a bit of a random note taker. When he sees a situation that sparks an idea or hears a conversation that suggests a story, he will jot down a few words on whatever scrap of paper is handy. Sometimes he will take a pad of paper with him when he anticipates an hour or two of personal time. He uses that opportunity to develop one of those notes into a few sentences or short love poem. From that point of content development on, most of his actual writing is done on a computer.
  4. Are his works and characters based on his own life?
    Most writers draw from what they know. H.T.’s work certainly reflects his own personal experience, but he draws extensively from observing the lives and relationships of others. He draws from places he has been and those he has researched. From that he looks for elements and themes that can be assembled in ways he hopes his readers will appreciate. People he has known in his life are reflected in his writing and characters, but his characters are not people in his life.
  5. Where does H. Thomas Saylor do his writing?
    The bulk of his writing is done in one of two places. He usually writes in his private home office. In the warmer months of the year, you are more apt to find him working on his lap top computer while sitting on the front porch of his summer lake cottage. In either case, he usually writes when he is alone, that is except for the company of his faithful dog, Petey.
  6. Did he study to be a writer?
    Saylor was at one time an English major and moving toward a career in education and journalism. He eventually shifted to business studies in order to better serve the needs of his employer and business communications clientele.
  7. What advice can he give to others who want to start a writing career?
    H.T. feels it is wise, as with most career choices, to learn from those who have been successful in the field. Study their work and find opportunities to practice and develop your skills. For a writer that means studying books on the craft authored by those that have had success. It means reading books in the genre that appeals to you, and then making time to write, write, write. Networking with those in the writing and publishing business is key. He also believes it is never too late to enjoy the journey, so get started!
  8. Is he a trained expert on relationships?
    No, he is not a formally trained expert in relationships and does not claim to be. Over the years he has done a great deal of personal study on the subject. He combines that with his personal life experiences as a son, brother, student, athlete, freelancer, employee, manager and executive, friend, acquaintance, occasional adversary, and as a husband and father of four. He offers a perspective and thoughts on relationships he believes can be meaningful. He encourages couples that need formal counseling and support to seek help through the many caring and qualified relationship professionals available through their church and in their community.
  9. Does Saylor write with a particular objective or message in mind for his readers?
    In addition to the satisfaction he gains from the writing experience itself, his basic objective is to craft material that is enjoyable and meaningful for the reader. Sometimes the content comes together in such a way that suggests a higher-level objective. In the case of I Need You to Know, many of the love poemswere written independently over a long period of time. Once assembled as a collection, they formed the basis for a book that encourages couples to love more deeply and nurture their relationships. Using love poems, inspirational quotes, and friendship poems to improve communication between couples in love became the overriding objective.
  10. Will H. Thomas Saylor read my work and tell me what he thinks?
    Unfortunately, to avoid litigation concerns, he has been advised by attorneys not to do so.
  11. Where can I purchase his latest book?

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