The Author

hsaylor“…H. Thomas Saylor will be your Cyrano in his book of love verses, I Need You To Know,” writes veteran Observer and Eccentric editor, Hugh Gallagher. Hugh goes on to describe Saylor’s work; ” … examples highlight Saylor’s principal themes on the different kinds of love- commitment, friendship, and the physical aspects of a relationship. The special quality of a relationship is captured in Becoming One… or during this chilly season a winter memory in My Winter Love.

A fresh dusting of white snow covered the ground.
As children’s laughter stirred memories of long ago,
We walked among the angels hand in hand,
And there on the edge of the frozen lake we embraced…
Never to let go, my winter love and I,
Never to let go.

But Saylor was not always the author of books and poems. For more than 30 years he spent his time producing and managing communications for Fortune 500 companies. Now he makes his career as a writer and independent consultant. A native of Michigan, he spends much of his creative and personal time at a Harsen’s Island cottage retreat. It is there he crafted much of his latest project When One Door Closes: A Teen’s Inspiring Journey and Living Legacy and the poems and expressions of love contained in his earlier release, I Need You to Know. He is currently working on Three Days in December, a novel due for release in the summer, 2012.

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